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SIMON®'s secure cloud-based intelligent work management platform allows your institution to grow your lending capacity, scale operations, drive revenue growth, manage risk, and impact your efficiency ratio.
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The Confidence to Grow Profitably

SIMON®’s secure cloud-based, intelligent work management platform is for banks that seek to scale their commercial and consumer loan operations. SIMON®‘s OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE expands your bank’s capabilities by integrating and enhancing your existing point solutions. SIMON® is an adaptable, out of the box, add-on solution that is simple to install in your lending operations.

How Does SIMON® Help You Scale Your Commercial and Consumer Lending?

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Reduced Stress.
Increased Compliance.

In lending, bank policies and compliance are harsh taskmasters. In today’s fast-moving world, business leaders expect quick decisions. Forward-thinking banks are speeding up the loan process to better serve their clients.

Point solutions have solved some of the problems. But most banks still use multiple point solutions, each with its own system, which leaves your team trying to manage multiple sets of checklists. The SIMON® Intelligent Work Management Platform is an add-on to your LOS and other point solutions. By design, SIMON® unifies all your point solutions into a single system.

Like a giant intelligent tickler system, SIMON® eliminates ALL manual checklists and simplifies the complex, exception-based process of delivering your commercial and consumer loans on time and without error. At any time, SIMON® knows the real-time status of a loan, by anyone, anywhere. Simon reduces your human capital costs and compliance risk by optimizing your team’s performance.

The Promise of SIMON®

SIMON® optimizes the human work in any facet of the loan process by: 

  • Decreasing loan origination turn time
  • Lowering your cost per loan origination
  • Dramatically reducing your compliance audit exceptions
  • Decreasing your loan management time

Purpose built for banks that seek to add more loans to their portfolio without increasing commensurate human capital costs, SIMON® eliminates the unnecessary manual work of commercial lending and streamlines operations for greater compliance and adherence to regulations and bank policy.

SIMON® promises simultaneously to decrease human capital costs and inspire confidence by delivering error free and fully compliant loans.

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How Can SIMON® Simplify Your Commercial and Consumer Lending?