Accelerate Lending Operations and Scale your Financial Institution

"Why is it that we have all these Point Solutions yet we still have front/back office communications issues, a multitude of checklists, document tracking challenges, and exposure to errors, regulatory violations and missed deadlines?" -Anonymous

How Does SIMON® Help You Scale Your Commercial and Consumer Lending?

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Increase In Loan Volume
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Decrease Time to Commercial Approval
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Decrease Time to Consumer Approval
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Decrease In Training Time
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Reduction In Exceptions
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Reduced Stress. Increased Compliance.

In lending, bank policies and compliance are harsh taskmasters. In today’s fast-moving world, business leaders expect quick decisions. Forward-thinking banks are speeding up the loan process to better serve their clients.

Point solutions have solved some of the problems. But most banks still use multiple point solutions, each with its own system, which leaves your team trying to manage multiple sets of checklists. The SIMON® Intelligent Work Management Platform is an add-on to your LOS and other point solutions. By design, SIMON® unifies all your point solutions into a single system.

Like a giant intelligent tickler system, SIMON® eliminates ALL manual checklists and simplifies the complex, exception-based process of delivering your commercial and consumer loans on time and without error. At any time, SIMON® knows the real-time status of a loan, by anyone, anywhere. Simon reduces your human capital costs and compliance risk by optimizing your team’s performance.

How Can SIMON® Simplify Your Commercial and Consumer Lending?