The Innovation Force

Behind SIMON®

Leadership Team

The leadership team at SIMON® includes seasoned professionals with over a century of collective experience delivering financial services, solutions, and technology to bankers. Today, they lead SIMON®‘s mission to simplify and improve while scaling and accelerating commercial loan operations. The team delivers value to banks wanting to grow, and with the growth, manage a more complex organization with greater efficiency and increased shareholder value.


Founder/Chief Executive Officer

For 35 years, Jim has developed his entrepreneurial leadership experience in delivering financial services solutions, consulting, and development.


Executive Vice President - Sales

Dave joined ClearThrough Solutions in 2019, bringing over 30 years of experience both at start-ups and Fortune 500 corporations.


VP – Development and Technology

Tim is a 30-year banking veteran, having developed banking solutions since 1988. Prior to joining ClearThrough Solutions, Tim worked with company founder, Jim Pinckney.

Cleat Simmons

Chief Legal Counsel

Cleat Simmons joined ClearThrough Solutions in 2019, and brings over 42 years’ experience in law and business, both in private practice and in-house corporate roles.